Friday Five: Trey Jones Studio

Designer profile Q+A: Trey Jones Studio

Happy Friday! Today’s feature is Trey Jones of Trey Jones Studio, a furniture, object, and interior design studio based in Washington DC.


1. Daily ritual?

Every morning my wife and I have breakfast, no matter where we are going that day or how early (or late) we get up. Breakfast is coffee, a smoothie (banana, orange, spinach is my favorite), and toast with butter. We spend this time together without our phones or the tv and we chat and relax as we get ready for the day. 

2. Best creative (or business) advice?

Continue to learn and try new things. 
3. Current inspiration sources?

Right now I am very interested in the interaction between made and natural things. 

4. Favorite podcast(s)?

No, I don't listen to them. But I enjoy thinking about which podcasts other people are listening too as they walk down the street. 
5. How does your city influence your work? 

DC has many (free!) museums that I visit frequently. The museums provide inspiration, a place for contemplation, and a reminder that art and exploration important and necessary.