Friday Five: Two Hands Full

Designer profile Q+A: Two Hands Full

Today we are featuring the lovely Amelia Davis of pottery studio Two Hands Full, based in Tacoma, WA.

1. Daily ritual?
No (good) day happens without a big breakfast and a walk in the woods/beach with the dogs. 

2. Best creative (or business) advice?
Practice self-compassion. Also find a way to be sure the environment is not taking a hit from your work and practices (both as an artist/designer and entrepreneur). 

3. Current inspiration sources?
Yoko Ono’s book titled “Acorn”, and cooking seasonally. 

4. Favorite podcast(s)?
On Being, TED Radio Hour, Live From Here, This American Life. 

5. How does your city influence your work?
I moved to Tacoma about a year ago (from Colorado…originally Vermont). Exploring new places and microclimates here is a big influence and inspiration to me as an artist. While my work doesn’t necessarily mean to capture landscapes literally, I like to attempt to express feels- and it has been an interesting process to acclimate out of the desert.