Friday Five: MGG Studio

Designer profile Q+A: MGG Studio

Scroll down below to read about our newest feature: Marja Germans Gard of MGG Studio, a jewelry studio based in Oakland.

MGG headshot small studio.jpg

Studio name: MGG Studio (formerly Marja Germans Gard Studio)

Studio location: Oakland, CA

Member name: Marja Germans Gard

Founding date: June 2014

1. Daily ritual?
My work can get pretty messy with the metal dust and polishing compound, but I feel most grounded in a clean and well-organized space. Before I begin work for the day I’ll usually tidy up my bench and my office area to give myself a clean slate. I also like light a candle (Ojai from Norden is a current fave), pour an enormous cup of coffee, and cue up my favorite podcast before diving in to whatever pieces await me on my bench.

2. Best creative (or business) advice?
Make time for play.  Whether it’s inside or outside the studio, carving out time to do things just for fun is a challenge but an absolute necessity for me.

3. Current inspiration sources?
My most recent collection, La Femme, was inspired by modernist sculpture and the curves of the female form. I’ve always been interested in substantial and sculptural shapes in my jewelry, but lately I’ve turned from angular geometry to rounded and more sinuous lines.

4. Favorite podcast(s)?
For business I like to listen to Raw Milk, Proof to Product and Akimbo.  For general entertainment, the true crime fan in me loves My Favorite Murder and Stranglers, and my inner nerd loves game shows like Ask Me Another and other general nerdiness like Sawbones, Ologies, Reply All and The Allusionist.

5. How does your city influence your work?
I love that art is everywhere- you’ll see it on the street, in how people dress and express themselves- and it’s constantly energizing me to create.