Friday Five: Zelma Rose

Designer profile Q+A: Zelma Rose

We are so excited about a new ongoing series here at JOIN, Friday Five! We will be sharing mini interviews with our lovely and fascinating JOIN family. Scroll down to read about our first feature, Lisa Anderson Shaffer of fiber studio Zelma Rose

1. Daily ritual? 
For the past two years I have been working on a project named These Three Things. Each day I record three things I have learned and pair it with a piece of original photography to be posted on Instagram. When I began the project nearly two years ago, I never imagined it would become a permanent daily ritual, but here we are all this time later and it is still a necessary and important pause in my day. I'm excited to share that the project is being published by Running Press as a guided journal in December. 
2. Best creative (or business) advice?
"Belief in your script is essential." Bono. Last year, this simple sentence changed everything about the way I make art and run my business. I measure everything against it and have learned so much always starting from here. 
3. Current inspiration sources? 
Gucci is blowing my mind right now. The fabrics, textures, and colors are very intense and at times compliment and other times conflict. They have really leaned into what makes them unique this year and I just can;t get enough of it. 
4. Favorite podcast(s)? 
Raise Your Hand Say Yes hosted by Tiffany Han. 
5. How does your city influence your work?  
The mountains are very quiet and my home is surrounded by broad sweeping views of the rolling hills and redwoods. It is very wild here and while there are so many intricacies to be found in nature, it is also incredibly vast. My work continues to celebrate that tension between the fine detail and large scale impact of nature in shape, color, and texture.