Friday Five: Fireroad

Designer profile Q+A:

It is Friday! We are featuring Andrew Perkins of San Francisco-based design studio Fireroad.

1. Daily ritual?
The day has got to start with a good cup of coffee! After that, it’s as much about jumping on a new opportunities as it is about having a daily routine. As a small business owner there are so many things to do, so you need to have a good sense for what has to get done and what can wait. During the busy times, I really savor the quiet hours between emails and meetings where I get to craft and assemble Fire Road products.

2. Best creative (or business) advice?
For me, being creative is about carving out the time to be quiet. You have to allow your mind the time and space to wander. Inspiration doesn’t often come, but when it does, it’s an incredible experience.

3. Current inspiration sources?
My daughter

4. Favorite podcast(s)?
How I built this

5. How does your city influence your work? 
San Francisco is a double edged city. I work in one of the last industrial areas of the city and have seen the constant encroachment of new start ups and tech companies affect other areas, and they are starting to raise rents around my shop. In many ways, I want Fire Road to be the anti-startup company, I want Fire Road to be about permanence and timelessness rather than speed and disruption. I love San Francisco and I’m proud to call it my home, so I hope Fire Road can continue to build and create quality products in this beautiful place.