October: Self-Care Month at Join Shop

Anyone else feeling overwhelmed and restless? We're deeming October Self-Care Month. We think we could all use a little more time for reflection and self pampering after a busy summer. We've gathered up some of our favorite ways to slow down, be mindful, and initiate new rituals. Not in Seattle? We're happy to ship and help get your self-care routines jump-started. You deserve it! From journaling notebooks to lavender soap, we're open 11-6:00 TU-SA with all of your daydreaming necessities.

Moon Notebook : blank for journaling, dreaming, and doodling.

Arcos Pin :  A little rainbow to be placed wherever you need it.

Hex Incense Holder : Classic and elegant, for easy relaxation. We have incense too!

Mood Clock : From thankful to joyful to time for a good cry, sometimes it just helps to acknowledge feeling in order to move on.

Lavender Soap : Deep breaths and long baths.

Carafe : Perfect for bedside hydration (wine or water)

Votive Candle Holder : Slipcast with the thinnest porcelain, perfect for tea lights and votives.

Match Holder+Striker : Celebrate longer nights with cozy evenings in.

Stone Pipe : Cast from a river rock, it's a beautiful object to hold, use, and display.

Pillar Candles : 100% pure and natural beeswax, they smell divinely like Fall.

Mountain Pillow : Made with Pendleton Wool, they're perfect for curling up with good books and warm tea.

Mini Chimes : Designed to catch and reflect the light, each one is as unique as you are.