Friday Five: Rebekah J Designs

Designer profile Q+A:
Rebekah J Designs

Happy Friday! We are talking to Rebekah J today, a jeweler and graphic designer living in Seattle.

1. Daily ritual?
I'm not a super ritualistic person, but I do love a good snuggle with my kiddo and a work out in the morning, followed by tea - though I wish it could be coffee. I love coffee but it makes me too jittery (even decaf!)

2. Best creative (or business) advice?
1. Good styled photos, and 2. it's ok to say no.

3. Current inspiration sources?
Loving music by Chris Stapleton, and art by Rex Ray, along with all things desert. 

4. Favorite podcast(s)?
99% invisible, Perceived Value & Armchair Expert

5. How does your city influence your work?
Seattle is amazing. We are always so close to many visual and emotional stimulants; bustling city, calm from the water that's around every corner, gorgeous city parks, and easy access to so many different climates! We can be in the desert wine tasting, in the mountains skiing, hiking on an active volcano, or at the ocean in 1-3 hours. That always fascinates and inspires me.